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Free shipping for orders over $150

Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Pet Bowl

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Petkit Smart Dog Food Bowl for Healthy Eating and Weight Control

The Award-Winning Fresh Smart Metal Pet Bowl Does More Than Hold Food: It Also Weighs Its Contents, Inhibits Bacteria Growth Within The Bowl, And Even Suggests How Much Food Your Pet Needs According To Their Weight And Food Brand

Welcome to the future of pet feeding with the Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl Blue. Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl Blue is the larger of the Petkit Smart Bowls and is considered perfect for medium to large sized dogs.

Accurate Weighing!

Most pet owners are pretty imprecise when it comes to the quantities of food we give our pet each day. The result is a very inconsistent and often unhealthy diet. The Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl takes away the guess work with a built in scale and LCD screen. Combined with the PETKIT App, the amount of food to give your pet will be calculated according to your pet's profile. Your pet's profile takes into account a variety of factors including weight, age, breed, and food brand. The app will tell you how much to give and the bowl's high accuracy weighing technology will help you feed your pet the perfect amount each day. The Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl supports 4 units to calculate the weight: Grams, Ounces, Pounds, or Millilitres. No matter what kind of food you feed or how you measure it (by weight or by volume), this smart bowl makes it easy for you!

Advanced Anti-Bacteria Technology and Easy to Clean!

The Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl features an anti-microbial bio clean act outer shell which automatically helps eliminate a large majority of bad bacteria and germs commonly found in all foods on contact, such as e-coli. The inner tank is easy for you to dismantle as well as wash, and is dishwasher friendly! The stylish stainless steel insert is corrosion-free and acid resistant making it tough and durable and super easy to wash. Additional key features of the Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl Blue include:
  • 1.7L capacity making this the perfect bowl for medium-large sized dogs.
  • Angled interior for easier feeding time: This makes it more comfortable for dogs, especially flat-faced breeds, to use.
  • Anti-overflow design: The wrap-around design on the external part of the bowl can prevent the food from spilling when being poured out.
  • Anti-skidding mat: 4 skid proof rubberised grips at the bottom for proper gripping.
  • A perfect gift for a friend!
  • Battery operated. A simple pair of AAA batteries should provide over a year of service!
  • Dimensions: 18cm (width and depth) x 6cm (height).
  • Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl Blue is also available in Grey, Wood, and Coral designs.
  • Can be combined with the Petkit Activity Tracker to track calorie consumption with calories burned so you can tailor the amount of food your pet really needs and save on vet bills!