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Ears and nails are vital!

Ears and nails are vital

Does your dog have big, heavy ear flaps or particularly hairy ears?

If so, they are more susceptible to ear infections than others. Head shaking, scratching or dogs that hold their head lower on one side to the other can all be signs of an ear problem or pain in the area. During the summer months a dog that has been walked in long grass can easily get barbed grass seeds in the ear which will naturally work its way down into the ear canal and cause severe problems. 

Do you monitor your dog's nails regularly? Do you know the length of a dog’s nail can permanently change the way that they walk, making them uncomfortable and even lame? Does your dog has dew claws?

Excessively long nails will initially push the toes upwards as the dog walks then if left unchecked they will curl around underneath the foot. The dog that’s nails have been allowed to overgrow will be in a lot of discomfort. Some dogs have dew claws part way up each of their legs. The dew claw does not wear down with exercise as some of the other nails may. It will simply continue to grow around in a circle, sometimes even into the dogs leg. 

So many things to concern for the owner? That's why our grooming salon include nail trimming and ear cleaning in our basic 'Bath & Dry' package! At Adore Pet, we always think from animals welfare first!

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